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Is it safe to travel to Vietnam?

Nowadays, with the develop of human life, we can travel to everywhere and everytime we want. Therefore, there is a problem appearing that “Is that place safe?”. The world has many countries to travel but each country has its own problems like military problems, political problem and so on. That makes travelers feel confused when choosing where to go. Today, I will introduce to you a country that I think it is safe enough for you to travel: VIETNAM.

Is it safe to travel to Vietnam?

The answer is “Of course, YES!”. Vietnam was ranked 2nd about happiness rate and ranked 45th about safety rate of the world by Business Insider, because of these reasons:

No war

Since the Independent Day in 1975, Vietnam has been being a very peaceful and happy country. Everyone works to contribute their strengths to build and develop the country. Additionally, Vietnam always establishes friendly relationship with other countries so there is no war in Vietnam. That is the first reason why Vietnam is a safe place to travel.

The peaceful view in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam

The peaceful view in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

No ethnic and regional war

Vietnam has 54 ethnics. Through many years, the Vietnamese nation has joined and united in fighting against enemies, gaining independence and building the country. Each ethnic group has its own lifestyle and culture, but together creating the unity and diversity of Vietnamese culture. I can say that the ethnic unity is the strength of Vietnam.

The picture of ethics gathering at Village Culture at Son Tay, Hanoi

The picture of ethics gathering at Village Culture at Son Tay, Hanoi

Furthermore, Vietnam has lots of religions however there are two significant religions: Buddhism and Catholic. Each religion has its own belief and never fight with the other.

Those things make Vietnam being a peaceful and absolutely a safe place to visit.

Stable political situation

In my opinion, the stable political situation is a big advantage of Vietnam for attracting traveler. A country with a stable political situation is a country which seldom changes the government and especially is hardly ever have protests and terrorism. Protest and terrorism are two of the very first things that the traveler thinks about the country they will visit. Do you want to travel to a country always have protest and terrorism? I’m sure the answer is no and Vietnam is a safe country for you to consider.

Natural disaster

Imagine that you are happy and excited to visit a new place and suddenly the sky become dark, the wind flow strong. You know that some disaster such as storm, tsunami, flood, etc… comes. That is so bad and scared to think about it. In Vietnam, we do not usually have disaster particularly in the North or South of Vietnam. There are some provinces of the Middle and the West have a flood but its occur in routine, so to make sure you can check the weather forecast before visiting those regions.


Tourism is one of the most important of Vietnam’s concern. Vietnam government always promulgates a lot of policies to improve the tourism service. The government requires the tourism to improve the quality of tourism products especially food, focus on developing tourism service to increasing the length of stay and expenditure of visitors. Besides that, the government creates favorable conditions for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to enter Vietnam for traveling. Vietnamese citizens, foreigners in Vietnam traveling inland and abroad, ensure the legal benefit for the tourists.

Having a lot of ambassadors

In Vietnam, we have about 57 ambassadors such as the United State, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, etc. If you have problems with your passport, lost your identification or some problems with human right when you traveling in Vietnam, these ambassadors may very useful for you.

The people

The Vietnamese people is one of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. You are lost and do not know where to go while traveling in Vietnam? Just go and ask some people on the street, they may don’t understand what you say but you can tell them the name of the destination, they will guide you how to go and they never lie to you.

Vietnamese lady with a warm smile

Vietnamese lady with a warm smile

However, no country in the world is absolutely safe and neither is Vietnam. Therefore, I will give you some tips that you must notice when traveling to Vietnam to make your trip more perfectly and entirely. First of all is about the price of food or souvenir you buying you buy on the street. If you are the foreign traveler, the seller may sell you with the higher price than normal. So, I advise you should search for the currency of Vietnam, change it into your country currency and especially, you must ask for the price before you buy anything on the street. Otherwise, you can buy in stores, the price is stability and can not be changed by the salesman. Secondly is about the robbery. The robbery rated in Vietnam is decreasing year by year but I have to notice you because there are always have robbery somewhere on the street. Be careful whenever you going out and keep your bag beside you.

In conclusion, there are so many countries in the world but I myself introduce Vietnam to you, the country which is a unique country, with many famous and beautiful natural landscapes, along with unique national culture, unique cuisine, friendly people and the most important is Vietnam is absolutely a safe place to travel. Let visit Vietnam someday. I hope you will.

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